As the sun rises and as it sets

I pray to God we never forget

The men and women who died in war

The tears that fell, the hearts that were sore

So on the eleventh month, on the eleventh day

Please wear a poppy and please remember

The people who fought, even during December

The rain and snow, the sleet and hail

The cold winds that made them frail.

Don’t forget, even for a day

The price they payed in horrible ways.

13 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Marianne Ella

    Hello Hudson!
    War, that is what I find most terrifying do you? Your poem was really nice, I think this is the first post I took time reading. I will be looking forward for more poems to come. Your work was amazing! Come and visit my blog at mariannella.weebly.com okay?

    1. Hudson Post author

      Hi Marianne Ella,
      You are the first person from Texas to comment on my blog! War is definitely the most terrifying thing to me.I definitely will visit your blog. Talk soon!

  2. Julia

    Hi my name is Julia. I am from Austin, Tx. In Mrs. Kriese’s class we have entered the #16stubc. I am really liking the intensity of your poem! It shows the pain and struggle of the other american citizens before us had to face. Its a touchy subject and I thought you perfrectedly polished it to your finest potential. Very good job! Please visit me at my blog http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/julia8482022/.

    1. Hudson Post author

      Hi Julie,
      I am also in #16stubc. I like your description of my poem. I was shaky on posting it but now i feel happy that i did. I will definitely visit your blog and comment 🙂


    1. Hudson Post author

      Hi Luke,
      Do you like Donald trump as president? The thing that annoyed me most was if Hillary was president I could have been alive to see the first black president and the first woman president. I will gladly read your post.


  3. Gavin

    Hello from mrs Kriese’s class in Austin Texas! I just wanted to say that we are making a poem but mines about a ghost.
    I like the rhyming that you used.

    1. Hudson Post author

      Hi Gavin,
      Your poem sound cool. I got a bit of my rhyming from a cool website. I will definitely read your poem and get back to you soon


    1. Hudson Post author

      Hi Eshan,
      Your poem sounds really good. I will definitely read it. Is it true that it is always hot in texas? Is there much hockey rinks?



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