Goodbye Grade 6

My time is very limited in grade 6.  By the time you are reading this i am probably on summer vacation.  I am really going to miss all my friends.  Especially the grade 7 ones because they are all going to high school.  But next year my grade will be the kings of the school! I have learned a lot from blogging. I learned a lot about punctuation.  Not basic punctuation but other things like clauses and other places to put commas.  Another thing i learned is that you never really get a break from school! What i mean is during my vacation i did lots of blog posts.  I didn’t really mind though because i liked doing it and i had a lot to say. I did blog posts on: L.A., San Francisco, and Las Vegas.  My blog has played a huge role and i am sad to say goodbye.  But with a crazy twist i have made it my duty to keep my blog going.  My goal is to keep posting at least once a month for the next year.  I  dont  know what i am going to post but either way i will find something to post about.  On another note, the grade 7s get lots of cool stuff.  At the end of the year they get 2 ceremonies.  They get the Oscars.  The Brooklyn Oscars is where they have a bunch of awards for the grade sevens: Best hair, Most likely to win an olympic medal,  ext.  They also get an end of the year assembly.  They sit on these chairs and there is a slide show that has there baby picture,  There full name, and a quote (of their choice).  Then while all the other clases leave they get 30 mins to take photos say there good byes and eat cake.  The grade sixes get NOTHING :(.  well i should stop my little rant and i guess i will see yall soon BYEEEEEEEEE :)\




My forearms were burning! I was 25 in the air!.  My legs were shaking! Is this the end,  Is what I thought when I was stuck on the rock climbing wall.  In reality I was completely safe.  I was at camp called Tribune Bay!  It was one of the best times I have had ever.  My class and another class was staying there for 2 nights. We did a ton of fun activities: Leap of faith, Rock Climbing, kayaking, Possum log.  To name a few.  My favorite being rock climbing, It was the most nerve racking.  It was a 35 foot tall rock climbing wall that you could climb up.  It was very physically demanding and very hard to complete.  The most scary part was when I accidentally slipped.  I was obviously belayed in so I was 110% safe, but for the split second once you slip it is so scary! I basically thought Is this the end!  I learned a lot of life lessons at camp, so here are a few.

Get To Bed!

At camp one of the most important things is to have lots of energy to do all the activities.  I definitely learn that the hard way.  I (as luck would have it) Couldn’t fall asleep the first night. The bad part about that is The second day is when you do most of the activities.  One of the problems I came across was getting cold!  Because luck is always on my side there was basically a storm.  And for the last time I was so lucky because I was supposed to sleep in a yurt ( a huge insolated tent with bunk beds) Instead I slept in a cabana.  A cabana is a small tent with a little metal frame.  To sleep on we had a wooden table that took up about three quarters of the cabana.  On top of the table was four thin yoga mats. It was pretty bad (as far as sleeping goes) but I had to deal with it.  Another thing that I noticed was sleep before you can feel the cold.  This sounds kind of brutal but it actually helped.  This one only applied to the first night.  It was so cold the first night! I was basically shivering for an hour to the point where I felt like if I got out I would literally freeze to death.  Because I thought I was sleeping in a yurt I didn’t bring a mini mattress so I learned my lesson to get to bed

Being prepared

Being prepared is one of the most important things,  If you are not prepared things can go from really good to really bad.  The first thing that made me realize to be prepared was I forgot a blanket and I was super cold!  The first night was a storm so I was extra cold because of that.  The second thing that led me to this conclusion was I forgot my rain jacket.  As you know the first day was a storm so I was drenched.  It was really bad!  The third and final thing was I forgot a mini fomie and I had a horrible kink in my back.  It was sort of hard sometimes to do activities because my back hurt.


Never Give Up

I cant stress this one enough.  DONT GIVE UP!  I know a lot of people who decided to quit and they definitely regret not taking the risk.  I am really happy that I didn’t give up.  I tried really hard to encourage my friends not to give up.  I really wanted to give up on the possum log because it was scary to get onto the log from the cargo net.  I kept going and made it on then when I walked across I started dancing and I definitely am happy I didn’t quit.  When I want on the rock climbing wall I fell and got really scared and I was very close to asking to come down, but I heard a little voice inside me that said keep going and I listened and made it to the top! All those things made me realize never to give up.

The lesson I am trying to tell you all is to try new things and it’s ok to be a bit out of your comfort zone.  If I never went out of my comfort zone I would have never learned any of these valuable lessons.  I hope that you learn from my mistakes and don’t make the same mistakes.  Camp was a great experience and I am overjoyed that I have the privilege to do it next year as well. I am already looking forward to it.  I felt so happy as soon as I got there.  It felt almost magical.  I was really sad to leave.



My MLGeo Bunny

Hi guys,

In class we started a project called the Geo Bunny. It consisted of making a bunny out of certain geometric shapes. We first learned how to use a protractor (a tool used to measure angles). Then we learned how to find the area and perimeter of a square, rectangle, parallelogram, triangle, and a trapezoid. After we started the project. We planned our design with all the needed shapes. Then we started cutting the shapes with construction paper. Once we were done we designed a background accordingly to our bunny’s story. Finally we glued the shapes on the the background and we were done the art piece. We then found the perimeter and area of all the shapes. Then we were finished. Here is my bunny’s story.

His name is Poppopmogop and his last name is Flopbobnop. He is unique because of his really long and confusing name. He is also unique because he cuts all the Easter chocolate for the easter bunny with his super sharp ears. He is super rich and has Apple Watches and Yeezys. He lives in a gigantic mansion with a hidden vault. He loves carrots and chocolate.

Thanks for reading. Do any of you have a pet bunny? could u say my bunnys name?

– Hudson

My Alphabet Post

new bohemia signpainting workshop j l t via Compfight

Hi guys,

I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I have finally decided to.

I am doing a cool Alphabet post.  I love to play basketball.  My team just played a tournament.  I like eating calzones.  especially from Scoops and Slices. I have two pet Dogs which are chihuahuas. My favorite food to eat is pizza. My favorite type is french fries.  I love to hang out with my friends Mason, James, Eli and Lucas.  I like to play games on my iPod, My favorite is Clash Royal.  My favorite sport is hockey. My team came first in the playoffs. I have always wanted to see an igloo.  I love to hear great jokes from my friends.  I am a kind person.  I love sports.  My favorite is hockey. My favorite movie is Grown Ups . I finally got a new Popsocket. I dislike opera singing. I am getting a Popsocket for my birthday.  I don’t like when people ask me dumb questions. I love to ride my scooter.  I love to SwimI hate when Telemarketers call.  I love when I have Ultra energy.   I like to play Volleyball. I love to visit Wisconsin.  I like to play the Xylophone.My favorite saying is yolo. You should read my Zombie post. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day🙂                                    -Hudson

Las Vegas

Recently on my vacation I went to Vegas.  The first day we got there at around 3:00.  It was a short drive but it felt long.  When we got there we drove down the strip then arrived at our hotel.  We were staying at the amazing New York New York hotel.  We had to park really far from the room so it was really hard to get all 5 of our suit cases to the room.  We unpacked then looked around the Vegas strip.  We had dinner at the buffet in the Excalibur hotel.  After we went back to our hotel and slept.  The next day we skipped breakfast and went shopping.  We had lunch at The Circus Circus hotel.  We looked at Ceasers palace hotel then went to a really cool trampoline park.  There was a really cool basketball net by a trampoline.  One of my favourite parts of Vegas was the M&M shop.  There was 4 floors and a cool 4-d short film.  We went to the Nike store and I got a Las Vegas Golden knights t-shirt.  The knights are a new NHL team who start playing next year.  The Vegas strip was really cool at night and was very bright with all the lights.  I got to go on the roller-coaster at the hotel.  It had a loopy-loop and a long spiral.  Have you ever been to Vegas?  What did you do?



Los Angeles Lakers logoOn my vacation I also went to L.A.  On the drive from San Francisco to L.A. we stopped at the Google building.  While we were there we looked at the whole campus and took pictures on the Google bike.  It was a five hour drive plus lots of traffic.  When we got there we unpacked then had dinner at the Olive Garden.  The next day we  went to visit a mansion then we took a tour of Paramount Pictures.  On the tour we got to visit the set of the Grace and Frankie.  After we went to Hollywood and looked at the walk of fame.  The 3rd day we went to Sunset Boulevard and a tour of Dodgers stadium.  on the tour we went to the old visitors lockeroom.  we also went to the field.  Later we went to the Santa Monica Pier.    I got to go on a really cool ride called the Gyro Sphere.  A little later on our trip we went to two Professional league games The first game was the football team L.A. Rams V.S. Atlanta Falcons.  The Atlanta Falcons won 42-14.  After we went to a L.A. Lakers game.  They lost 107-112 to the New York Knicks.

San Francisco

Hello Friends     

Recently on my vacation I went to San Francisco.  We got there at around 3:30.  We walked around downtown for about two hours and I got two new books.  They were from the Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull (Who is my favourite author).  After five hours we decided to go to Mel’s Diner for dinner.  It was really good.  After dinner we went to pier 39.  We looked at most of the shops and then we went to bed.  The next day we had breakfast  and then took the bus to the Golden Gate bridge.  We took lots of pictures and walked the whole bridge.  After that we went to one of the piers and looked at three boats.  One of them had tons of old cars on them.  We walked to an in and out burger for a snack.  once we were done we went to pier 39 (again)  and looked at the rest of the shops.  Later on we had lunch at the Hard Rock Café for lunch.  Later we went to china town for a little bit.  We walked back to our hotel and relaxed for a bit.  Later we went for dinner at a really cool pizza place.  We went to bed and left the next day.  I have more posts about the other places I went to on vacation.  Have you ever been to San Francisco?



zombie-pictureIn a science lab near the Comox Valley as scientists were looking for a cure to cancer something went horribly wrong. The test subject got injected by the antidote then insanely started eating the scientists BRAIN! I tried to talk but all that came out was ARGH then I suddenly had a craving for brains. After I ate the scientist guy’s brains he was a zombie too.

In my school (specifically Ms.Smith’s class) They were in the computer lab doing coding when Hudson noticed a odd noise but just ignored it.  As it got louder more kids started to notice it.  “Lockdown!” the announcements buzzed.  All the kids were really frightened by  the situation.  They heard a loud BANG at the library door next door.  They started to hear the odd noise again but quite louder.  A loud bang hit the computer lab door then the door fell fell! The zombie librarian and many others burst into the room. Some brave souls ran at the zombies but none succeeded in killing them. Luckily  Hudson wasn’t one of them.  Hudson, James and Eli all sprinted out of the room full blast.  

“The roof” Eli shouted.  The roof door was located to the right down the hall.  James jumped and full on body checked the door.  

“Quick” Hudson barked as they just made it out the door.  They locked the door speedy as possible.

“ What should we do?” Hudson asked.

“Fight them,”  James suggested.  

“There’s too much,”  Eli said.  

“Let’s raid my house for food and get supplies to make camp.” Hudson ordered. “We will get back here as quick as possible.”

They met back at the roof near sundown. “Let’s build camp,“ James groaned grabbing a tarp.

“Lets use all these cardboard boxes to make a little fort.” Eli suggested.  

“And we can cover it with a tarp” Hudson said.  

After camp was built they decided to make a fire.  “Lets use these news paper we found,” Eli mentioned.  

The fire was made and camp was done. “ Let’s make some food” james suggested  They had a plan to get more food.

“It is dark out so there are no lights on in the school and all zombies are gone. Lets raid the kitchen,” Hudson stated.  

They slowly snuck into the building. “Wait, let’s get to the office,” Hudson whispered. “It has a metal door on the big window in the front.  

“It may have loot” James thought.  

Chapter two: The fight

In the morning Hudson was the first one up.  It was a sunny day and there was dew on the grass.  Better prepare for the day Hudson thought. He went to the gym and found the best things he could find.  He found hockey goaltender helmets.  Might work he figured.  He woke up the others.  “Let’s make a plan.Well, we have goalie helmets” Hudson said.  

“Good,” Eli said.

“We can find any humans left,” James stated. “Ok. Let’s search.”  

After a few hours and a few close calls there were none! We are the only ones left they realized.  “We have to find an antidote,” Hudson stated.  “Let’s get working.”

Later in the day they were super close to an antidote.  There was the odd noise again. “RUN!” They shrieked.  They broke through the doors.  Hudson was sprinting faster than ever before. “AH” he yelled.  He had tripped on one of the goalie helmets. “ GO” he shouted AH Hudson shrieked from the pain of the four gashes on his face.  He was trampled by the zombies.  

“Keep going,” James told Eli.

“UGH!” Hudson yelled.  “Get to the science room.”  They locked the door and finished the antidote.  “How will we get it on all of them?” James asked.

“The roof,” Eli stated.

“ I will be the bait,” James bravely said.  “3…2…1 GO!” they shouted.  

James ran to the side of the school.  “Now!” James screamed.  

Eli sprayed all the antidote onto the zombies.  

They returned to normal.  Everyone looked confused and just walked away.  Hudson ran up to James to congratulate him and  Eli joined in on them.  
“We just saved the world!  Now we have to get back to class.  Haha” They all shouted.

To Be Continued…

Typing Fiasco

Hi Earthlings,

How Many times could you type November in a minute?  In class about a week ago we did a project about measures of central tendency.

Our Inquiry Question:

Our question was how many time can you type November in one minute?


The equipment we needed was A computer, People to try experiment, an Ipad to use as timer.


Our experiment was one person is sitting at a computer and when the times starts you attempt to type November as many times as you can until the timer stops.  After our group will count how man times they spelled correctly with all control standards.

Control standards:

Our control standards were No copy and paste, capitals, spaces in between, spelled correctly


Our predictions were the record would be about  6 and we were pretty close but not quite

Our Data:

The mean was: 13.3,  Our range was 34-1=33,  Our median was 11.5, Our mode was 13.


There were definitely outliers.  They were: 34, 27, and 2. I think the most appropriate measure of central tendency is The median.  I think lots of kids are good at typing and others are not as much. If i compare my groups results i think it was a tad bit different but pretty close.

My group members were Tyler Lyric and Kaya




As the sun rises and as it sets

I pray to God we never forget

The men and women who died in war

The tears that fell, the hearts that were sore

So on the eleventh month, on the eleventh day

Please wear a poppy and please remember

The people who fought, even during December

The rain and snow, the sleet and hail

The cold winds that made them frail.

Don’t forget, even for a day

The price they payed in horrible ways.